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From $0 to $2,700 in 8 months
For real?
That’s what I said when I first heard that my friend, Saeed was making $2,700 per month, every month from selling Kindle books.
The craziest part was that he didn’t even write them himself.
No, instead what he did was hire a guy from oDesk, asked him to write a book on the Paleo diet and published it a few weeks later under a pen name.
All while he sat at this desk at work!
The book paid for itself within 2 months and he was profiting and had his second book written using the profits.
8 months later - BOOM $2,700 per month in passive income and he’s currently off vacationing somewhere in Thailand.
I wouldn’t have believed it
Now, I know what you are thinking. 
Because I’ve seen those sleazy videos on Kindle publishing empires on YouTube - where a guy is making $6000 per month selling Erotica novels.
And I wouldn’t have believed it myself, if it hadn’t been a friend of mine telling me about it and showing me the cheques to prove it!
"I've decided to take advantage of outsourcing. My next novel will be written by a couple of guys in Bangalore "
Tom Robbins, Best-selling "SerioComedy" Author 
No time to write 20,000 words
I had to find out how he did it. So one day I sat down with Saeed and he walked me through his entire journey... 
Eight months ago, Saeed was working an an actuary in Calgary, Canada when he became fed up with trading time, in a job he hated, for money.
That’s when he happened across people selling books online and doing REALLY well. 
Like 1,000 + 10,000s per month well.
Problem was, he didn’t have the time to sit down and write a 20,000 word book in his spare time.
Enter oDesk - where someone was hired within days to start writing HIS non-fiction book.
While the book was being written, Saeed went out and completely deconstructed the Kindle ranking system so he could hack it and rank above his competition.
When launch day finally came for his book, he killed it - getting more than 1,600 downloads on the FIRST day
And it’s not a fluke - because he’s shown me how he did it again and again and again…
It’s a formula and I’m going to show you how its all done
But first, a little about me…
My name is Imran Esmail, I’m the founder of EscapeYourDeskJob. 
I never get shit done…unfortunately, I already have too much work piled up to spend time on side projects.
What I’ve learnt is that you can make you money work for you by hiring TOP quality designers & writers for cheap who, with some direction, can build your business for you.
I’ve started with Kindle ebooks because they are SUPER easy to get started with and best of all THEY SCALE like mad.
SOOOO many goodies inside
Inside EYDJ, I’ll be breaking down Saeed’s system to teach you things like:
- How to find ghostwriters for less than $0.01 per word
- How to get Amazon top 500 reviewers to review your book
- Why most books fail and don't sell ANY units
- How to find and dominate UNTAPPED niches on Kindle
- Why 1% of books on Kindle make up 30% of all Kindle sales
- and what these 1% of book authors are doing RIGHT!
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